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How does Scrap Metal Recycling Work?

Metal Recycling Process

If you follow this blog, you’ve noticed that we spend a lot of time talking about scrapping, scrap metal prices, how to earn the most money for your scrap, etc. What you don’t see us talk about as is the actual scrap metal recycling process! !

Smith Iron and Metal is all about weighing and paying our customer’s scrap metal… quickly! Customers want to get in, get weighed, unload, and get paid! Our focus on making this experience as quick, easy and lucrative for our customers is what’s kept us at the top of the scrap metal game here in Richmond for decades. So… why are we talking about metal recycling then? Truth is, most people don’t really know what happens to their scrap metal after they unload it at our recycling center. It’s kind of like donating stuff Goodwill! But for those of you interested, We’re here to answer the question: how does scrap metal recycling work?

Prior to all of this – a customer like you comes in, gets weighed, and gets paid for their scrap metal. That’s when the fun begins(for us, at least)!

First: We sort your scrap metal, and meticulously process recyclable items through our shredder.

Second: Everything that can’t be recycled heads to the landfill. You’d be amazed how much trash we get every day! We wish it weren’t so, but not everything is recyclable. 

Third: Once we get a good accounting to the type and quanitity of scrap we have on hand, we market our recycled metal to various industrial mills throughout the country.

Finally: We sell the various recycled metal to the mills, who melt it down to make brand new products. That’s it!

Just like our motto, we like breaking things down so they are easy to understand and easy to process!

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