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Get Weighed and Get Paid!

Getting into the scrap game may seem like a tall hurdle, but don’t let that discourage you from getting that extra cash! It’s a lot simpler then it might seem from the outside… especially at Smith Iron & Metal. After all, our motto is “Get Weighed and Get Paid!”… and it’s pretty much that simple! […]

Scrapping in Winter

There’s no way around it – when it’s cold out there, the scrap metal recycling business slows down a bit. However, that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel until spring. We’ve got some insight, advice, and thoughts on how to get through the winter. Keep reading! Cooler Weather = Cooled Off industry So, […]

Get Paid in the New Year!

Happy new year, scrappers! We’re thrilled to have had such a great 2019, and we’re looking forward to being your #1 recycling center in 2020. We know there are plenty of places throughout Richmond you can bring your scrap metal… but we think we’re the best. Here’s why! Experience Smith Iron & Metal has been […]

Earn Extra Cash for the Holidays!

Turn Your Spare Parts and Scrap Metal Into Money for Christmas Presents! We love the holiday season! From time with the family to great meals and celebrations, nothing is quite like this time of year here in Richmond. That being said, your wallet gets a lot lighter this time of year, right? All that travel, […]

How We Determine Scrap Metal Pricing

The most frequently asked question at Smith Iron & Metal on a daily basis is how we determine scrap metal pricing. Things like, how are aluminum prices determined? Why were copper prices higher last week? Why did I earn more this week for my steel? While we’ve been considered the premiere recycling center in Richmond […]

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