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Smith Iron and Metal Inc – Your #1 Richmond Recycling Center this spring!

Spring is FINALLY here for central Virginia – and not a moment too soon!This winter has brought some of the most miserable and dreary weather we’ve seen in years. With warm weather right around the corner, it’s time to bring the scrap you’ve accumulated over the winter to Smith Iron and Metal! “Get Weighed and Get Paid!” for your scrap! Whether it’s copper, aluminium, stainless steel, or any of the types of scrap metal we buy, we’ve got you covered. Great prices, a great staff, and a streamlined and fine-tuned scrapping process make Smith Iron and Metal is Richmond’s best recycling center!

Recycling Center

So what about non-metal recyclables?

At Smith Iron and Metal we believe in doing our part to help the environment. While our facility is not equipped to handle residential recyclables, it is still extremely easy to do. It is our belief that the more people that recycle, the better off our environment and community as a whole will be. This simple act will make the world better off for our children for generations to come. Recycling preserves irreplaceable natural resources that would otherwise simply be incinerated. It also saves energy, reduces pollution and reduces waste in general.

Recycling itself is a remarkably easy process. Simply collect the materials that are recyclable, such as newspapers, water bottles, plastic solo cups, and cardboard boxes. Take them to the nearest drop point in your neighborhood, and drop them off! Please note: we do not accept these materials, but still strongly advocate that you find the correct spot to recycle them! It’s just that easy and can make a huge impact on the environmental health of the Richmond community.

Bring your scrap to a Recycling Center in Richmond!

So please – take the time to recycle. Think of it as another way to “Get Weighed and Get Paid”, except the payment will come in the form of a better life and community for the generations to come! Give us a call, contact us online, or send us a message on Facebook if you have any questions! Enjoy the warmer months, Richmonders!

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