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Smith Iron and Metal Inc – Your #1 Richmond Recycling Center this spring!

Spring is FINALLY here for central Virginia – and not a moment too soon!This winter has brought some of the most miserable and dreary weather we’ve seen in years. With warm weather right around the corner, it’s time to bring the scrap you’ve accumulated over the winter to Smith Iron and Metal! “Get Weighed and Get […]

Richmond’s Best Commercial Scrap Recycling Center!

Making Commercial Scrap Recycling Easy At Smith Iron & Metal, we’re all about service! Our goal is to provide you with an easy-to-use, full-service, large scale commercial scrap recycling center. Just take a look at your bottom line! You’ll see why it is so important to integrate scrap recycling into your daily business or commercial operations. […]

Industrial Materials Recycling

Hard working, blue collar folks throughout Richmond, VA know Smith Iron and Metal for our “Get Weighed and Get Paid” drive up service… and naturally, we’re very proud of that! However, we hear all the time that people don’t know about the scope and history of our industrial materials recycling and services. So let us give you the […]

Scrap Copper Pricing

Customers ask us all the time about scrap copper prices. This seems to be one of the most talked about subjects relative to scrap metal prices here in Richmond, so we’d like to shed some light on this subject. Sometimes, our job involves explaining to a customer why his copper is worth a bit less […]

How Easy is it to Get Weighed and Get Paid?

Just how easy is it to Get Weighed and Get Paid? People tell us all the time that they’ve never stopped in before… just because they don’t know how to sell scrap or where to go. Well, the where to go is easy – Smith Iron and Metal! The how is easy too, but we’re happy to explain […]

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