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Scrap Copper Pricing

Customers ask us all the time about scrap copper prices. This seems to be one of the most talked about subjects relative to scrap metal prices here in Richmond, so we’d like to shed some light on this subject. Sometimes, our job involves explaining to a customer why his copper is worth a bit less […]

How Easy is it to Get Weighed and Get Paid?

Just how easy is it to Get Weighed and Get Paid? People tell us all the time that they’ve never stopped in before… just because they don’t know how to sell scrap or where to go. Well, the where to go is easy – Smith Iron and Metal! The how is easy too, but we’re happy to explain […]

Environmental Responsibility and Awareness

Smith Iron and Metal is committed to not only being the best scrapyard and recycling center in Richmond,  but also to honoring the environmental responsibility we have to to keep our hometown as clean and contaminant free as possible.  Every little bit helps! With our environmental commitment in mind, we must ask all our customers to properly remove […]

How does Scrap Metal Recycling Work?

We talk all the time about scrapping, scrap metal prices, how to earn the most money for your scrap, etc… but we don’t talk as often about the actual scrap metal recycling part of our business! Smith Iron and Metal is all about weighing and paying our customer’s scrap metal… quickly! Customers want to get […]

How We Determine Scrap Metal Pricing

The most frequently asked questions we hear day in and day out revolve around scrap metal pricing.  How are aluminum prices determined? Why were copper prices higher last Tuesday vs. today? Why didn’t you pay me more for my steel? While we’ve been considered the premiere recycling center in Richmond for quite some time,  we are a small player in […]

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